BRIQ Journal

BRIQ Issue I – English

Adnan Akfırat


On the verge of the Second World War, the Great Revolutionary Mustafa Kemal Atatürk used
the following words to stress how the world would be shaped in the new age: “Look at the sun rising
from the East. I see the rising of Eastern nations as I see the break of dawn today. Colonialism
and imperialism will disappear from the face of the earth, and they will be replaced by an era of
harmony and cooperation between nations, in which discrimination with respect to color, religion
and ethnicity will not exist.”*

The beginning of the 20th century marks the beginning of the East’s rebellion and victories
against imperialism. In the 21st century, developing countries from West Asia to Far Asia and from
Latin America to Africa are rising to demand a just international order.

As the East develops and progresses, the West is increasingly shrinking and strained. With its
position as an intercontinental bridge connecting Asia, Europe, and Africa via the Mediterranean,
and thanks to its thousand-year old state tradition and its vast cultural heritage, Turkey will play a
key role in the construction of this new order. Moreover, Turkey experiences a cycle in which the
necessary conditions and opportunities have emerged for this potential to be actualized.

In the 21st Century Silk Road, the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), Turkey comes together not
only with China but also with the rest of Asia and with Africa and Latin America. Turkey is starting
to take its honorable place among the emerging Asian nations and getting the opportunity to
establish equal relationships with European countries and the United States of America (USA).

Standing out for its aspirations for common prosperity and shared development, the BRI is
developing a new kind of cooperation model that has the potential to shape the world order beyond
the economic benefits it provides to the participating countries.

BRIQ would like to invite academics, researchers, writers, artists, decision-makers and the
business community from all across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe to discuss this opportunity.
BRIQ is a platform that is supposed to ensure that intellectual knowledge produced in
Turkey will make a prominent contribution to the developing world’s effort to establish a just order.
Indeed, BRIQ will be the voice and breath of Turkey as much as of other developing countries.

We are ambitious. Because we believe in Turkey and its people, and in the developing world’s
history-making potential.




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Ufuk Tutan – Political-Economic Reconfigurations in Global Power Systems: From the 18th Century up Until Today

Şerif Emre Gökçay – Building the New Silk Road in the 21st Century: the Belt and Road Initiative from a Sino-Turkish Perspective

Yang Chen – China’s Potential Role in the Remaking of Regional Order in the Middle East: Motivations, Opportunities and Challenges

Hüseyin Haydar – The World Needs the Belt and Road, and the Belt and Road Needs Poetry