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After Milking, Shepherd’s Effort to Bring the Herd Back to Pasture and Their Dusty Journey. (Bitlis)

Dilek Uyar was born in 1976 in Çanakkale. She completed her undergraduate degree at Gazi University Faculty of Law and her master degree at Gazi University in Work and Social Security Law. She has been working as an attorney at Ankara Bar Association since 2000. She is married and mother of two children. As a photographer she has many worldwide awards such as;  Praiseworthy Photographer by Sony World Photography Awards in 2017, World Prize in the 2017 by National Geographic (I became the second Turkish and the first Turkish female photographer to bring this degree to our country ), First prize in the Black & White category of the Travel Photographer Society in 2018, First prize in Documentary category of 1x International Photography Contest in 2018, In the 2018 IPA International Photography Awards;1 Sub Category First prize, 2 Sub Category Honorable Mention, 1 Category first prize. Also she is the first and only Turkish photographer to be one of the 12 finalists nominated for the “Discovery of Year” as the Photographer of the Year,  third place in 2019 in SIENA International Photo Awards and she is winner of the 2020 Sony World Photo Awards National Category. She is the only Turkish photographer who is one of the 13 photographers from all over the world who are entitled to take part in the exhibition organized by the United Nations on the importance of water. The exhibition met with the audience in New York and Paris. She has also been present with her photographs in the exhibition of the Gulnara Samoliva in USA, which has been nominated for Pulitzer. She is still working on her cancer and abortion projects within the scope of social responsibility.

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