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Prof. Dr. Sencer İmer
Ufuk University

Prof. İmer studied on Mathematics, Philosophy and Social Science with state scholarship. He received his master’s degree and his PhD in Metallurgy at Technical University of Berlin. He pursued his researches and habilitation and served as lecturer at the same university. He was invited to Turkey as an expert of UNIDO in 1980 and served as consultant of undersecretary at the State Planning Organization. He actively took role in the planning process and in administration of Iron-Steel Industry in Turkey. Prof. İmer served as Chairman and General Director of the Turkey Iron-Steel Organization, Vice President of the Executive Board of the ERDEMİR and the ASİL ÇELİK, Founder Member and Chairman of the KARDEMİR. He also served as advisor of different statesmen such as Turgut Özal, Dr. Yusuf Özal, Prof.Dr. Necmettin Erbakan and Bülent Ecevit. He has been professor since 2009. He served as a lecturer, dean and vice-chancellor in various universities such as College of Science and the Faculty of Political Science at Ankara University, the Department of International Relations at Hacettepe University, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Aksaray University. Now, Prof. İmer serves as lecturer and Chair of the department of Political Science and International Relations at Ufuk University. His researches focus on industry and iron-steel policies, economy of natural resources, economy of Turkey, water politics, energy and environment policy, conflict management, geopolitics and geostrategy, Central Asia and Turkic World. He is founder and director of various civil society organizations such as MEKSA, TÜDEV, ANKA, ANKASAM, KIZILELMA Foundation. He was awarded the “Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany, First Class Grand Cross” (1997) and the “Turkish World Service Award” (2011).


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