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Beyazıt Karataş
Retired Air Pilot Major General

Mr. Karataş was born in Tokat, on 13 November 1956. He was graduated from İzmir Military Air High School, in 1973, and completed İstanbul Air Force Academy, on 30 August 1976, holding the rank of Lieutenant. Karataş, after completing his Pilot Training year 1978 in İzmir, was assigned to the 3rd Main Jet Base-Konya 132nd Squadron Command in the same year and then to the 6th Main Jet Base-Bandırma 161st Squadron Command as Wing Man, in 1979. In the year 1986 he joined the Air War College-İstanbul from where he was graduated in 1988, and served as Officer of Base Training and Operation at the 5th Main Jet Base-Merzifon and as Wing Commander at the 152nd Squadron Command. Subsequently, he worked as Foreign Courses Planning Officer at the Air Forces Command, Chief of Department of Training-Ankara between the years 1992-1995, and as the 133rd Squadron Commander at the 3rd Main Jet Base-Konya between the years 1995-1996. After his assignment as Air Attaché in Athens, in1996, and working in that post for three years 1996-1999, Karataş was assigned as the 2nd Tactical Air Force Command Chief of Operations-Diyarbakır and Operation Commander at the 6th Main Jet Base-Bandırma between the years 1999-2001 and 2001-2003, respectively He was assigned as Armed Forces Attaché in Washington DC, after promoting to the rank of Brigadier General, on 30 August 2003, between the years 2003-2005. Karataş served as the 2nd Tactical Air Force Command Chief of Staff Diyarbakır between the years 2005-2006, and the 8th Main Jet Base Commander-Diyarbakır between the years 2006-2007, after promoting to the rank of Major General, on 30 August 2007, he served as Deputy Commander of the Air Training Command-Izmir, on 13 August 2007, and assigned to the post of Deputy Undersecretary for Technology and Coordination of Turkish Minister of National Defense (TMND)-Ankara as from 2007 to 2010. Mr.Karataş was assigned as the Deputy Commander of 2nd Tactical Air Force Command-Diyarbakır between the years 2010-2012 and retired from Turkish Air Force 30 August 2012. He speaks Greek and English.

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