Yang, C & Xie, F. (2021/2022). The mutual construction of image of China and Turkey: Perceptions, problems, and policy proposals. Belt & Road Initiative Quarterly, 3(1), 16-25.


Since establishing the strategic cooperative relationship between China and Turkey in 2010, bilateral relations have entered a new era with more political mutual trust, economic cooperation, and cultural exchanges compared with the previous 40 years. However, in contrast to frequent official contacts, ordinary people’s views on each country have not kept pace with this new development. In the eyes of the Turks, the image of China is still linked to some negative events. Due to several historical reasons, China’s understanding of Turkey remains at a superficial level. If Chinese and Turkish people become closer emotionally and understand each other more, then the two countries’ images will significantly improve, and China-Turkish relations will inevitably strengthen. 

Keywords: China Studies, China-Turkey Relations, Image of China; Image of Turkey, Turkish Studies