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Hande Günözü Ulusoy was born in İstanbul in 1978. She completed her undergraduate studies and Master’s Degree at Istanbul University Restoration & Conservation of Artifacts Department, and her Ph.D. at the Istanbul University, Restoration Conservation & Renovation Department. In a year of 2008-2009 with the Getty Foundation support she worked as a Graduate Intern at the Getty Conservation Center Science and Field Project Departments in LA, U.S.A. She worked at the same institute as a Visiting Researcher for her doctoral studies in a year of 2012. Since she began her conservation studies, involved in so many national and international Archeological Excavation and Conservation projects. She worked at the Istanbul University, Turcology Researches Institute, History of Art Department as a Research Assistant between 2005-2018 years. She was an editor in chief in ART-SANAT Publication in years of 2016-2018. She is the Senior Member of RILEM International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures, TC Technical Committee, LHS, 277. She is the executor of the Istanbul University, Turcology Researches Institute, History of Art, and Uzbekistan Republic Science Academy Semerkand Yahya Glomov Archeology Institution, “Uzbekistan Kaşka Derya Region Yer Kurgan Temple Archeological Excavation and Conservation Project since 2005.

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