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Hüseyin Haydar was born in 1956 in Trabzon. He studied economics and finance. He worked as a member of the editorial board and as a technical director in YAZKO’s (Writers and Translators Cooperative) Literature and Translation magazines. His first poetry collection, Acı Türkücü, won the 1981 Academy’s First Prize for Poetry. Later, many of his books were published and won national awards. He served as a member and visual director of the Ulusal Kanal Broadcasting Board and as a member of the Turkish Writers’ Union (TYS) Board. He prepared and presented the tv program titled Literature Front at Ulusal Kanal. He is a member of Patriotic Party Central Ruling Board and National Science Strategy Center. He has been publishing his poems every week in his column titled Poet's Toil in Aydınlık newspaper for ten years.