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Mehmet Akif Ersoy, the great Turkish poet, was born in Istanbul on December 20, 1873, and passed away in Istanbul on December 27, 1936. He is the author of the Turkish Republic’s national anthem, the “İstiklal Marşı”. He had a vast and profound knowledge in Arabic and Islamic studies. Additionally, he was proficient in Persian and French. With the proclamation of the Second Constitutional Era in 1908, he began writing articles and publishing poems in Eşref Edip’s “Sırat-ı Müstakim” and later in “Sebilürreşad” magazines. He also started translating works from contemporary Egyptian Islamic writers. In 1913, he embarked on a two-month trip to Egypt, then visited Medina, where he developed thoughts on the weaknesses of Islamic countries compared to the West in terms of material resources and intellectual level. During World War I, he was sent to Berlin by the Special Organization. He also conducted investigations at the camp set up for Muslims taken captive by the Germans. He endeavored to merge contemporary Islamic societal views with the foundational values of Western civilization. His poems followed a realistic approach.

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