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Serhat Latifoğlu
Hedge Fund Manager

Serhat Latifoğlu is a hedge fund manager. In the first eleven years of his career, he worked in managerial positions in various banks and stock brokerage companies. He also worked on the derivatives desks of various brokerage companies. Over the last ten years of his career, he founded and managed various funds and business in several sectors. Particularly, Mr. Latifoğlu founded the first Turkish derivatives arbitrage fund in Switzerland. In addition, he is the co-founder of a London-based boutique wealth management firm Versum Wealth, which concentrates on multiple business areas. He recently co-founded a hedge fund trading in international financial markets, applying AI technology and picking patterns with behavioral finance approach. Moreover, Mr. Latifoğlu advises several firms among the top 100 Turkish companies ranked in terms of their position in the financial markets. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Public Finance from Marmara University and holds a Certificate in Behavioral Finance from Yale University and several certificates from various financial authorities worldwide. He served in the board of a number of civil society organizations such as Rumeli Türkleri Derneği/Rumeli Balkan Federasyonu, RUYİAD and Karadeniz Vakfı.