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Tevfik Kadan was born on April 27, 1990, in Isparta/Turkey. After completing elementary and secondary schools in Nazmiye Demirel Elementary School, he started at Heybeliada Naval High School in 2004, passing the military high school exam. After finishing his high school education, he studied Computer Engineering at the Naval Academy for three years and dropped out of the military academy to study Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Selçuk University, graduating in 2014. He has been pursuing a second BA in International Relations at Anadolu University since 2018. Tevfik Kadan, who has also been working in the field of journalism since 2010, served as Head of the Patriotic Party Press Bureau and news manager in Aydınlık Daily for 2 years. He still serves as Editor-in-Chief of Aydınlı



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