My great interest in history, architecture and art started after 1992. It has become my passion to take photos of historical mi- narets, domes, bridges and fountains, in short, the works bearing the traces of the past and the magnificence of those works of ancestors. The most concrete examples of the world of history, civilization and religion appear as architectural works. Historical heritages, each of which we can observe a different message, style and technique, have an important place in the spiritual world of our people. I’ve introduced dome photography and art in newspapers, magazines, internet news and live broadcasts. I have two important prestigious works; one of them is “Istanbul in Photographs From the Lens of Cemil Şahin” and the other is “The Book of Mağlova”. I aim to convey the secrets of those works through photographs and expand people’s horizons. My work continues in an effort to leave better works of art for the future.

Dergi Sayısı

[Photograph by Cemil Şahin]. (2022). Friday prayers in the Blue Mosque. Belt & Road Initiative Quarterly, 3(2), 92.