Foster, J.B. (2022). Launch remarks on China’s economic dialectic: The original aspiration of reform. [Review of the book China’s economic dialectic: The original aspiration of reform, by Cheng, E.]. Belt & Road Initiative Quarterly, 3(2), 76-77.


THIS REVIEW IS ABOUT CHENG ENFU’S BOOK, entitled China’s Economic Dialectic, and its significan- ce for Western readers. The way I look at the book is that it consists of two parts. The first part is actually the introduction, which is his general statement on his philosophy of Marxism. The introduction itself, will startle all Western readers in the sense that it is often conceived that Marxism in China is dogmatic, that it has simply become a cover for transformations that are going on in China, but it is not in itself a creative or innovative outlook on the world today.