Adıbelli, B. (2021/2022). The Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between the Republic of Turkey and the People’s Republic of China (1960-1971). Belt & Road Initiative Quarterly, 3(1), 50-73.


This study examines the process leading to the establishment of relations between Turkey and China on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of this development. One could argue that the relationship between the two ancient countries of Asia and their people was established through a very difficult process shaped by the Cold War environment. Establishing a diplomatic relationship between the two countries, which were in different ideological camps, was an extremely challenging task in a Cold War climate. It is important to point out that opposition to communism, which used to dominate Turkish politics and society, constitutes the main obstacle to the establishment of connections between the two countries in this period. Therefore, this article focuses on ideological and political dynamics. Undoubtedly, the political climate created by the 1971 military memorandum was an important landmark in this process. On the other hand, China’s membership in the United Nations and Taiwan’s (Nationalist China) removal from the United Nations –alongside Turkey’s stance in this process– played an important role in the establishment of relations between the two countries.

Keywords: China, Cyprus, Taiwan, the USA, Turkey