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Assoc. Prof. Şiir Kılkış

Şiir Kılkış holds her Ph.D degree from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. She graduated from Georgetown University as the gold medalist in Science, Technology, and International Affairs with magna cum laude. She serves as a Lead Author in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report. Kılkış works as senior researcher and advisor to the President at The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. As Associate Professor in Energy Systems Engineering, she lectures on sustainable development in the Earth System Science Program of METU. Based on her research work, she takes place among the world’s top 2% scientists in the areas of energy, environmental science, and emerging/strategic technologies. In her research, she developed the SDEWES Index, novel net-zero district concepts, and the Rational Exergy Management Model to curb carbon dioxide emissions. She attended the First Young Scientists Forum that was organized in Hangzhou, China being assigned as an ambassador of the Alliance of International Science Organizations.