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Ekrem Kahraman has opened more than a hundred exhibitions in domestic and abroad. He has joined a lot of mix and group exhibitions in the national and international fairs. He won 16 awards. He was selected “Artist of the Year” in 2016 by UPSD. He was granted an award of the artist of the year with Mehmet Güleryüz and Ergin İnan with their contribution to contemporary art in 2. Artshow Art Fair in 2019. He was awarded a plaque of “Golden Lion of the World Art Day” in 2021. His artworks are subjected to different kinds of brochures, catalogues and books and four documentary films were produced about his art. He has written theoretical papers about plastic arts. His papers are published in art magazines such as Sanat Çevresi, Türkiye’de Sanat, Genç Sanat, Çekirdek Sanat, CEY Sanat, rh+ Sanat, and Artist as well as newspapers such as Bosphorus SANAT. He published a magazine, Sanat Atölyesi, in 2007-2008. Since 2011, he has been writing on contemporary art, the ideology of art and art of ideology, contemporary art museums etc. in Aydınlık daily.


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