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*Cüneyt Akalın was born in Istanbul in 1945. After completing his primary education in Ankara, he graduated from Galatasaray High School in 1965. He continued his education in the USA for one year. He entered the Ankara University Faculty of Political Sciences and graduated in 1969. Later, he started his doctoral studies. He worked in publishing houses and Journals as a reporter, foreign policy writer, research page editor, and sports editor in Hürriyet, Cumhuriyet, and Aydnlk newspapers. He continued his doctoral studies at Istanbul University. He worked as a lecturer at Galatasaray University and was promoted to associate professor in years. He worked at Marmara University's Faculty of Communication and Fine Arts. After retiring from Marmara University, he taught at Arel University. At the same time, he continued his freelance journalism activities. Akalın has many scientific-political articles published in various journals, more than 10 book translations from English-French to Turkish, and many copyrighted works.

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