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Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş was born in Malatya in 1964. His teenager years passed both in Turkey and in Germany. After completing his undergraduate degree at Selçuk University, he started his academic career at Gazi University. Ateş completed his master and PhD in Ankara University, Faculty of Language and History-Geography, Western Languages and Literatures. He then completed his second PhD at Marburg University in Germany. His academic career continues in various universities and research institutions both in Turkey and abroad. Prof. Dr. Şeref Ateş has participated in several national and international projects. After becoming professor in 2011, he continued his professional career at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Sakarya University. Moreover, he serves as the President of Yunus Emre Institute since 2016. Professor Dr. Seref Ateş's areas of expertise include international relations, cultural diplomacy science diplomacy, civilization and art, media communication, multiculturalism, cultural politics Turkish language education and non-governmental organizations (NGO). He has published several articles in the national and international arena. He also plays an active role in numerous scientific and social institutions. He is married and the father of four children.