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Turhan Selçuk was born in Milas/Turkey in 1922. Selçuk’s first drawings were published in 1941, in the newspaper Türk Sözü. His drawings appeared in various journals and newspapers such as Akbaba, Milliyet, Akşam, Yön, Yeni İstanbul and Il Travaso which is an Italian humor magazine. In 1957, he created his famous comic character Abdülcanbaz. His cartoons rely on contradictions, solidarity and misunderstandings in human life. While he criticizes people, he tries to educate them by showing the good and truth. Thought is the main point of his cartoons and humor has the second priority. His illustrations are brief, clear and stunning. In 1992, Turhan Selçuk celebrated his 50th year in the world of art with an exhibition. Between 1993 and 1997, his graphic art exhibition, “İnsan Hakları” (Human Rights) visited major cities of the World, and in 2005, a selection of his original prints was exhibited in various cities in Germany. He died in 2010 in Istanbul/Turkey. He was one of the founders of the Turkish Cartoonists Association and he was also granted numerous awards.

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