Bovdunov, A. (2024). Türkiye and Russia can work together to liberate Africa from Western imperialism (Işıkgün Akfırat, Interviewer). BRIQ Belt & Road Initiative Quarterly, 5(2), 188-191.


“Moscow, unlike the United States and European colonial metropoles, aims at mutually beneficial and equal cooperation. We value our African partners and communicate with them on an equal footing. Russia does not impose any prescriptive political, economic, social or value model on African countries. Russia and Africa, the Eurasian and African regions complement each other seamlessly from an economic point of view. Additionally, when viewed from a broader worldview perspective, it becomes evident that share a common objective in resisting the neo-colonial ambitions of the West, making them natural allies in their pursuits. For example, Burkina Faso and Mali, after leaving the orbit of France, are developing partnerships with Russia, Türkiye and China. Türkiye’s engagement in Africa does not pose a competition to Russia in this region. Since our potentials complement each other, we can work not to compete but to delimit the spheres of our activity. Simultaneously, on the international stage, within international organizations and at the United Nations, we can offer mutual support to both each other and our African allies who are striving to break free from Western dominance. Only by standing together can we challenge the imperialist supremacy of the United States and its allies, thereby affording nations worldwide the opportunity for autonomous development within a multipolar framework of international relations.”