Erenel, F. (2022). Türkiye, Russia and China should cooporate against US encirclement
(Onurcan Balcı, Interviewer). BRIQ Belt & Road Initiative Quarterly, 4(1), 14-24.


America is doing the same, both in the South China Sea and in the Eastern Mediterranean.We can see that America’s containment strategy also aims to block China’s Belt and Road project. The fact that the Zangezur corridor will be opened means that Türkiye can use the middle corridor more easily through Central Asia while China can use it more easily through Türkiye, which the USA wants to avoid. As a soldier, I have been expressing for
years that Türkiye should leave the NATO’s military wing, but I think it should stay on the political wing as much as possible. There should be cooperation with Russia. The US’s goal is to create a fault line between Russia and Türkiye and to cut off Türkiye’s connection with Russia over the Black Sea. in a planned process where the Turkish Army stands strong, I think that Türkiye should take initiatives for the recognition of Cyprus independence with the support of China and Russia. There are critical theories and so on in international relations, but today I believe that all these problems can be solved in more realistic ways, namely by force. For this, close regional cooperation is needed. This is exactly what Türkiye should do. In this context, I consider the development of relations with Shanghai cCooperation Organization a very positive move