How to cite: Korotchenko, I. (2023). Türkiye-Russia cooperation determines the course of developments in Eurasia. (Kubilay Çelik, Interviewer). BRIQ Belt & Road Initiative Quarterly, 4(3), 20-24.


"From Russia's strategic alliance perspective, driven by a healthy pragmatism, Türkiye can always be seen as a reliable partner. Today, the two most important actors determining the course of economic and political events in Eurasia are Russia and Türkiye. These two countries have achieved political and economic stability in the Black Sea, so the view that Russia and Türkiye need to form a geopolitical alliance is very popular. Today, the conditions for further strengthening Turkish-Russian cooperation are developing. In addition, regarding the fight against international terrorism, joint counter-terrorism exercises of the Russian and Turkish Special Operations Forces should be held."