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Smail Debeche
Prof. Dr., Director of the Laboratory of International Relations Research and Studies at the University of Algiers III

He has Ph.D. in political sciences and international relations (1987), University of York, U.K, also a certificate from the International Center of Pedagogic Studies (C.E.P.E.C) Craponne, Lyon, France (1993) and a Certificate on National Security, Institute of Political Science, Christian Albrechts University (1994), Kiel, Germany. He frequently wrote articles in different journals and newspapers as well as present various papers in national and international seminars about democracy, domestic politics, security, economy, cultural, strategy and international subjects especially about the Mediterranean zone, African issues, the Arab World, the Maghreb and Europe, Arab - Chinese relations, Sino - African relations. He is the Chairman of the Algerian-Chinese Friendship Association (ACFA) and a member of the Algerian Western Sahara People's Solidarity Committee (CNASPS). He has published 11 books on Algeria, Africa, Western Sahara, xforeign policy and Arab Spring.