The long-awaited call came today.
The sword fell from the hand of the cruellest
oppressor of the oppressors.
Do you know from whom the blessed call came?
A sun reddened in the skies of socialism.
Turned pale at that moment, the public enemy executioner.
Which valiant man’s call was this incoming one?
The fruit of immortality of the people which grows on time.
At the bottom of the rocks, the flowers suddenly cheered up,
The crying baby laughed; the white lambs bleated.

The message of wisdom arrived today,
Our powers became stronger, our minds became wiser.
Come on, open your doors to your doors,
Let's tie a belt, let's belt a road.
Did you see that the ants crossed the mountain?
Our hands were dreamed, our hearts started to talk:
The Asian ship full of love came out of the port.
Extend your hands to each other, open your arms,
Let your eyes stare into each other’s eyes, my brothers.
The heart train unloaded; didn’t you see?

A letter of a comrade, a blessed greeting came.
From whom did the Chinese silk handkerchief from the Silk Road come?
From Shanghai stone, from Beijing soil,
Through the cliffs and the mountains, from the flying iron bird,

From the white bones of the martyrs of the revolution.
The windy call that comes across its rivers,
It came from the sea, the land, the air.
Flowing from the steppe cliffs breathlessly,
Did you see the rose-laden waggons of Asia?

We are starting our blessed journey once again.
Not mortal gods, but immortal man standing:
Tell the eagle of the sky to come,
From one shoulder to another the greeting flew and came.
In the Yellow River and the Euphrates Martyrs resurrected,
The call kissed the beetles and bugs of the bronze steppe.
Come on, let's gather in the Asian square,
Blackthorn rose bloomed on the marble; didn't you see?

The long-awaited call came today: We're setting off.
We are rearing up from the Mediterranean to the Chinese Sea.
We will wrap the belt of peace round the waist of the bride of the world,
With songs, we will make the Milky Way a crown on her head.
We answered with the decision of Taurus, in the language of the Euphrates:
Children of the same house, the same sun, we are ready.
We are here! We are united with the sheaf of crop of Asia.


* Translation: Nilgün Yorgancı
Dergi Sayısı

Haydar, H. (2021/2022). The awaited call. Belt & Road Initiative Quarterly, 3(1), 74.