Özsaraç, H. (2022). The challenge of the Karaman Sea (Eastern Mediterranean) through the defense expenditure equation of Türkiye, Egypt And Greece. BRIQ Belt & Road Initiative Quarterly, 4(1), 54-71.


Among the ten states with coasts on the Karaman Sea (Eastern Mediterranean), Türkiye’s power, which can affect world trade with its unique geography, is from the Turkish Straits, Egypt’s power is from the Suez Canal, and Greece’s power is in the Islands Sea, which the waterways between them come from thousands of islands that can be broadly considered as straits. It is impossible for the ships using the waters of these three states not to perceive these sharp geopolitics. It is another fact that these three states could not sufficiently use this unique power due to the competition between them and even mortgaged it to imperialism. This article aims to understand the geopolitical power losses of these three states, which act with the equation of armament against each other.