Ertan, S. (2022). Ekolojik uygarlığın enerjisi: hidrojen. Kuşak ve Yol Girişimi Dergisi (BRIQ), 3(3), 54-71.


It is widely accepted that the primary reason for the phenomenon of Climate Change due to Global Warming is energy production based on traditional fossil fuels. In this context, strategies and energy policies based on Renewable Energy Resources (RES) should be immediately planned and implemented as soon as possible. Today, when life in our world is under an existential threat, the "Sixth Mass Extinction” can be prevented with the transition to RES, which is both clean and inexhaustible. We observe that hydrogen energy classified as RES is coming to the fore. Besides its distinctive advantages, such as being transportable and storable, hydrogen also has the potential to replace fossil fuels. The critical question is: can RES completely replace traditional fossil fuels? The RES, in which Hydrogen Energy will have a significant share of the total energy production capacity, has a remarkable potential to replace nuclear energy and the entire range of fossil fuels combined. In this study, the view that “hydrogen-carbon” technologies will characterize the “New World Order”, also called Ecological Civilization, is examined and discussed.


Received: 14.12.2021 

Accepted: 05.05.2022