Sancak, E. (2022). The New World is to be established by achieving wealth and peace, which will derive from the universal values created by the Silk Road (Fikret Akfırat, Interviewer). BRIQ Belt & Road Initiative Quarterly, 3(4), 16-22.


The Historical Silk Road united humanity. It united the regions with peace, not war. Not with poverty; with wealth, prosperity, taking people as a basis, loving people and not worshiping money. These are universal values that always flow from the East to the West. Today, the modern Silk Road promises the same. The other day, the Chinese Foreign Minister attended the meeting of the Organization of Islamic States and said, "We are after the construction of a new world. The basic values on which we will build the new world exist in your religion of Islam. To be based on people, to see differences as richness, to respect one's neighbor, not to dominate". The new world will be built on these values. Nobody will kill anybody. Nobody will despotate anybody. A new international system cannot be established if we cannot build the modern Silk Road. Atlanticists, money-worshippers, those who deify money, and globalists are trying to prevent the construction of the Modern Silk Road because they are aware of this. They will not succeed.