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Prof. Dr. Sun Degang & Zhang Jieying

Sun Degang is a Professor and Director of Political Science at the Institute of International Studies, Fudan University, Shanghai, China. He was a visiting scholar at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University (September 2018-September 2019), and Senior Associate Member at St. Antony’sCollege, Oxford University, and an Academic Visitor to Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies (2012-2013), Denver University (2007-2008), and Hong Kong University (2004-2005). His research interests are Middle Eastern Politics and International Relations, Great Powers’ Strategies in the Middle East, and China’s Middle East Diplomacy.

Zhang Jieying is a PhD Candidate at the School of International Relations & Public Affairs, Fudan
University, Shanghai, China. Her research interest is Hydro Politics in the Middle East.