Alhassan, L. (2024). Assessing The Socioeconomic Impact of Chinese Investments in Nigeria Under the Belt&Road Initiative. BRIQ Belt and Road Initiative Quarterly, 5(2), 192-209.


This article aims to examine the socioeconomic impact of Chinese investments in Nigeria and provide an assessment of the long-term viability of these investments in Nigeria’s economy. The aim is to contribute to the existing literature on understanding China’s global economic expansion, Chinese-Nigerian relations, and the prospective outcomes for both parties involved. Nigeria has benefited from Chinese financing and energy, transportation, and telecommunications projects. It is one of many countries that have shown much interest in the BRI, which has also drawn much investment. Because Nigeria is a developing country and the largest on the African continent, it is in its best interests to capitalize on the BRI’s opportunities for economic growth and continued regional integration while protecting its national interests and maintaining its sovereignty. In the meantime, Nigeria needs to find a balance between the benefits of Chinese investment and the transfer of technology on the one hand and socioeconomic development on the other.

Keywords: China, cooperation, development, investment, Nigeria.