China’s Participation in the Conflict Resolution in Sudan and South Sudan: A Case of “Creative Mediation”

Sultan, H.E.M. & Sun, D. (2020). China’s participation in the conflict resolution in Sudan and South Sudan: A case of “creative mediation”. Belt & Road Initiative Quarterly, 1(2), 6-23.


This article explains China’s response to the conflict in Sudan and South Sudan through its cautious involvement to protect its practical interests in this region. Beijing has made great efforts to improve conflict resolution in Darfur and South Sudan and has attempted to adopt a new paradigm for constructive engagement and creative mediation. Its response to the conflict in Sudan and South Sudan is driven by the dilemma of protecting national interests and shaping its great power identity, along with adhering to the principle of non-interference. This article also analyzes China’s national interests in the region and its relevance to China’s response to conflict and participation tools. It puts forward a new concept of ‘creative mediation’ to explain China’s participation in multilateral security affairs and engagement in conflict resolution. Moreover, the article explores how such a creative mediation is compatible with China’s principle of non-interference.

Keywords: China, conflict resolution, mediation diplomacy, South Sudan, Sudan