Shu, Z., Hao, R. (2024). The Challenges of Economic Cold-War Thinking for the Belt and Road and Counter Strategies. BRIQ Belt and Road Initiative Quarterly, 5(3), 310-335.


Since its inception, the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has achieved fruitful results, but it has also been challenged by economic cold war thinking. The mutually beneficial purpose and participatory content of the BRI have been misinterpreted by the economic Cold-War thinking. This challenge has its roots in the economic interests of international monopoly capital, as well as in biases caused by cultural and ideological differences, and in the systemic gaps caused by the vastly different paths of development. To promote the construction of the BRI in response to the challenges of economic Cold-War thinking, one should strengthen the influence of international communication, make the “cake” of common interests bigger and better, and accelerate the BRI construction. Equally important is to improve the mutual benefit mechanism of the BRI. However, with regard to all the deliberate misinterpretations and provocations of the economic Cold-War mentality, it is also necessary to be bold enough to fight and good enough to engage in dialogue, so as to meet challenges and resolve conflicts.

Keywords: Belt and Road, Cold War thinking, Economic Challenges, China’s Counter Strategies, globalization.